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  • Survivors Call for the Repeal of the Military Commissions Act of 2006



    Once again DAWN is pleased to work with US Labor Against the War in organizing events for visiting Iraqi labor leaders visiting the US.

  • November 17 DAWN goes to protest SOA-WHINSEC

    The DC Anti-War Network is organizing buses to go to the protests in Columbus, GA at the School of the Americas/Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation.

  • November 6-9 Gold Star Families White House Sit-In for Peace

    DAWN has endorsed this 10am-10pm White House protest of Iraq War before and after the election.

  • October 28 White House

    Some DAWNers will join YellowCakeWalk in Vampire Costumes 2-5 PM. Come on by and have fun!

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  • November 7: The DC Anti-War Network will not meet. We will meet next week, November 14, as usual.

  • October 24, 2006 DAWN General Meeting Notes

  • October 3, 2006 DAWN Meeting Notes

  • August 29, 2006 DAWN Meeting Notes

  • August 22, 2006 DAWN Meeting Notes

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    Photo courtesy of Andy Laken

    Working Groups

  • Buses to SOA Watch

    DAWN has established a working group to organize buses to SOA Watch down at Ft. Benning in Georgia.

  • JROTC in D.C. Public Schools

    This DAWN Working Group will focus on ending mandatory JROTC in D.C. Public Schools.

  • Depleted Uranium Working Group

    The Depleted Uranium Working Group will be working on actions and events for the March 2006 3rd anniversary of the war-occupation of Iraq. Contact DAWN to be a part of this or for ore information.
    This newly established working group will organize events and actions addressing Depleted Uranium.

  • UFPJ Relations Working Group

    DAWN has a seat on United for Peace and Justice's (UFPJ's) Steering Committee. The working group is for coordinating our national involvement with UFPJ.

  • Iran Working Group

    Stopping coming U.S./Israeli war against Iran. Currently working on forum on "Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy." Email [email protected]

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    Action Reports

  • October 17, 2006: DAWN activists protest the Military Commissions Act of 2006

  • September 26 and September 27

    DAWN activists participate in two days of civil resistance on Capitol Hill

  • 9/5-21/06 Camp Democracy

    DAWN members helped organize this great camp out and had a table there much of the time.

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  • 8/30/06 Protest at Washington Post

    More than a dozen of us showed to protest our discontent.

  • 8/12/06 - DAWN Lebanon Working group joined the Stop U.S. Israeli War on Gaza/Lebanon

    Around 5,000 people, a majority Arabs and Muslims from around the country, protested.

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  • A Wikipedia entry for DAWN


    We oppose:

    � Using the victims of 9-11 to perpetrate the so-called "War on Terrorism."

    � All forms of national, racial, economic or religious violence and bigotry.

    � DAWN stands opposed to torture and aligns with other groups to work against torture in the United States and worldwide. (added June 28, 2005)

    We demand:

    � An end to war and occupation as a method of U.S. foreign policy.

    � An end to the PATRIOT Act and the attacks on our civil liberties.

    We seek:

    � Global peace through economic and social justice.

    � An aware world of ethnic, racial and religious tolerance.

  • An open letter to the peace and anti-war movement

    Marking the third year of war and occupation one DAWN activist sends an open letter to the peace and anti-war movement.

  • Remember

    by Orlando Tizon, survivor of torture


    Increasing reporting and analysis indicates that the US is planning a military strike on Iran.

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  • 5 Years of DAWN Photos, Recent Videos

    DAWN participant Carol Moore has photos of many of DAWN's top actions. Click here Also more here at Click here In 2006 she started posting videos as well.

  • Torture Abolition and Survivors Support Coalition

    TASSC International is a coalition of torture survivors, currently representing more than 60 countries and ethnic groups.

    In the spirit of nonviolence we: Work towards the abolition of torture and ill treatment currently practiced by more than 150 governments.

    Work toward the implementation of Article 5 of the Universal Declaration of Human rights, and all other treaties and conventions pertaining to the eradication of torture.

    Break the silence surrounding torture through education, advocacy, and legislation.

    Call for an end to military assistance and arms sales to governments that use torture. Call for an end to impunity for those who torture and order torture.


    This site is a warehouse of links to various DC-Metro calendars which may be important to activists seeking events to attend or a central location to post events.

  • DC Guerrilla Poetry Insurgency

    dc guerrilla poetry insurgency is an anti-authoritarian, collaborative pro-humanity artists collective incorporating music, rhythm, spoken word, song, community, and resistance. They meet every 1st and 3rd Monday at the Dupont Circle Fountain in Washington DC starting at 7pm. For more information:


    Historic Overview

    In 1959, a group of activists led by Quaker Larry Scott began a vigil at Fort Detrick in Maryland to protest the development and testing of biological and chemical weapons there. In 1961 the group moved into D.C. with a mission to expand their work, to include peace education through film showings, discussions and the publication of a local newspaper. READ MORE

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